Not happy just to sit on the success of recent years, Scottish Athletics keen to push on in the marathon.

The success of Scottish athletes in endurance running is something everyone has been noticing in recent years. From shorter distance runners like Laura Muir and Andrew Butchart to marathon runners including Robbie Simpson and the Hawkins. Steph Twell seems to just be excelling from three kilometres all the way up to marathon.

So it is great to see further promising athletes getting additional support from the new Marathon Project the governing body announced today. Below is the press release from the scottishathletics website with more information.

It will be exciting to see how this develops, alongside similar marathon projects from England Athletics that has seen success in recent years. Hopefully having a coach like Robert Hawkins, who has seen great success with his sons Callum and Derek, will be instrumental in more progression for Scottish marathon running.

Photo: Vitality London 10,000

The Marathon Project

scottishathletics are delighted to announce a new Marathon Project as part of an event-based approach to performance and coaching.

Robert Hawkins, father and coach of Scottish Marathon Record holder Callum and fellow Olympian and twice National XC winner Derek, will lead the programme over the next few years.

The Commonwealth Games in 2022 is a clear target for the Marathon Programme with an aspiration for Scotland to field two full teams of three men and three women in Birmingham in the event.

Scotland has a strong tradition in marathon running and that history has been maintained in recent years with the outstanding performance by bronze medallist Robbie Simpson at Gold Coast 2018 and Callum Hawkinsbreaking the long-standing Scottish Marathon Record in London earlier this year.

‘The Marathon Project is looking to build on the tradition of strong Scottish performances over 26.2 miles down the years,’ said Robert.

‘One of the key objectives would be to have full marathon teams at future Commonwealth Games, starting in Birmingham in 2022.


Robert Hawkins – top coach will lead marathon project

‘As well as supporting our established marathon runners, the Marathon Project will offer opportunities for support to those who are performing well at the half marathon and who are transitioning to the marathon distance.

‘At scottishathletics, we see this as a key point in the marathon journey where support and advice are essential in assisting athletes make that transition and realise their potential at the marathon distance.’

Via the project, scottishathletics have added 15 new runners onto our support programmes to join established names like Callum, Robbie and Steph Twell.

Women Fiona Brian (Metro Aberdeen), Steph Davis (Clapham Chasers), Holly Rees ( Cambridge and Coleridge), Avril Mason (Shettleston Harriers), Shona McIntosh (Hunters Bog Trotters), Eilidh Bell (Team Bath), Claire Bruce (Metro Aberdeen) Annabel Simpson (Fife AC), Gemma Rankin (Kilbarchan AAC)

Men – Mike Crawley (Corstorphine AAC), Sean Fontana (Inverclyde AC), Cameron Milne (Central AC), Kenny Wilson (Moray Road Runners), Nikki Johnstone, Craig Ruddy (Inverclyde AC).

scottishathletics are pleased to be working with these athletes as they commit to a marathon over the next two years with a view to seeking to qualify for Team Scotland for the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham.

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