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Fast Running has recently reached the one year mark, and over the last 12 months, hopefully, we have had a positive impact on the running community. What do you think?

You may imagine that Fast Running is one of the ‘big boys’ but that is not the case. The team is a small one – yet very dedicated to delivering high-quality content to all runners.

It’s basically two people behind the scenes, Robbie Britton and Niall Hugh Mooney, who are still juggling other jobs to fund Fast Running, along with the excellent writer Ruth Jones.

After a fun but equally demanding year building Fast Running, our goal is to have one full-time employee, to firstly maintain what we have been doing, but also to look to the future and work on exciting ideas for our readers.

This is where the fantastic running community comes in. Patreon is a website that allows people to support their favourite creatives and content creators. If you like what Fast Running stands for, and the content we deliver on a daily basis, then please consider supporting us.

It doesn’t need to be more than the price of a monthly running magazine and there are some perks in return. To support Fast Running please visit our Patreon page: We want to continue serving the British and Irish running community but we need your help.

Likewise, if you’re working for a brand or company that could partner with Fast Running then get in contact too. We love this sport and just want to keep providing high-quality content on a regular basis to everyone who loves running too.

We’ll keep doing what we’re doing, we just need a little love to keep the dream moving along.

Got to run,
The Fast Running Team.