Which key components transform good running kit into the best clothing you’ve ever worn on a run?

Performance, comfort and style.

Performance fabric and design for effortless running, aiding speed and movement.

Comfortable materials to keep core temperature at an optimum, making running a joyful activity in all weathers.

Design to instil pride each and every time the kit is pulled on.

SOAR running clothing holds these components at the core of its brand, and, together with its growing connection with the running community as a whole, it is fast becoming the go-to premium, innovative kit for runners of all speeds, ages or size.

SOAR’s history

Founded by fashion designer and former DJ Tim Soar, SOAR was launched in 2015 with the aim of providing highly functional, beautifully designed clothing for runners, alongside establishing a real, active involvement with runners on every level.

SOAR’s groundbreaking designs, made by runners, for runners

What makes SOAR clothing stand out from the crowd when it comes to superior cut, feel and performance?

Tim selects the brand’s hugely popular All Weather Jacket as the perfect example of why every runner should invest in at least one piece of SOAR kit.

“The All Weather Jacket can be worn in any weather conditions in autumn and winter. It uses a unique single layer fabric that makes it fully breathable and comfortable next to the skin,” he explains. “It has a double DWR coating (Durable Water Repellent), is expertly fitted and keeps runners dry and warm in rain, wind and very cold weather.”

The former cyclist-turned-runner is also keen to emphasise how much thought and care goes into designing each and every piece of kit in the brand’s growing collection, with fit and comfort being high priorities for the team’s design force, who understand the importance of seam-free running.

“I can relate to runners at all levels, and I believe that is what we do very well at SOAR – we know what it is to be a runner, we are runners and we know what runners need,” he adds. “I think that genuine connection and relatability is missing in the big running clothing brands, but it is a huge part of who we are.”

Building the SOAR running collection

While each and every piece of running kit on SOAR’s website is made to a premium standard, ensuring the best running experience every time it is worn, the collection is still growing.

When SOAR first launched just three years ago, its focus was on men’s clothing, but the brand has evolved to include some striking women’s gear, including the hugely popular Oriel Capri leggings and the multi-functional Mayola t-shirt, favoured by ultra runner and fashion icon, Susie Chan.

The company is currently running a crowdfunding campaign through Crowdcube to allow the team to produce more of its trademark distinctive clothing for runners who understand the need to invest in better quality gear that not only fits beautifully but performs at a consistently high level.

The new clothing will include more womenswear, an area of the brand Tim is keen to expand and launch in time for the Spring/Summer 2019 collection.

“We’re in talks at the moment about how clothing needs to be designed differently for men and women, and, apart from the obvious, it is a very complex area that requires a lot of thought for our design team,” he says tellingly.

Tellingly because it is clear that the SOAR running brand is completely different from the rest of the running clothing market.

SOAR understands runners

Tim and his team understand runners. They understand that every runner runs for a different reason, be it for competition, fitness, mindfulness or emotional stability.

That understanding is clear in the design and feel of every piece of SOAR clothing.

“I love the purity of running, you get out of it what you put in, and you experience nature in every season, something every runner can relate to,” he adds.

SOAR’s connection with the running community

Every member of the SOAR team runs, which clearly shows in the events they organise for the running community.

One of those projects is headed up by British Olympian middle distance star turned elite coach Matt Yates, who runs regular training sessions for runners of all abilities, helping them improve their speed and fitness using elite methods made applicable for all.

Then there is the SOAR Mile, an annual graded evening of mile races, with live entertainment, food and beer aimed at helping everyone from track novices trying out the discipline for the first time in an encouraging, fun environment, right up to elite runners looking to break the 4 minute barrier in a streamed, highly competitive event.

This year’s SOAR Mile saw times recorded across the spectrum in the 12 races on the night, from over 10 minutes for the 1609m distance to an impressive 4:05.37 for Newham & Essex Beagles’ Dale King-Clutterbuck, in a race that saw 13 athletes break 4:30 at London’s Olympic Park.

“Any runner can run a mile, but it is also hard to run it well – more than 250 runners came along to the latest SOAR Mile, and that number is growing with every event we put on – it is all inclusive,” Tim explains.

SOAR is for every runner, creating exclusive clothing that is inclusive for everyone. Experience another level of comfort and performance with SOAR.

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