After great success with the Fast Running Performance coaching for the 2019 autumn marathon season, we look ahead to 2020 and open applications.

Are you running London, Manchester, Brighton, Boston or any one of the fantastic spring marathons next year? We’re opening a limited amount of spots on the Fast Running Performance Project, a community coaching scheme that provides a bespoke training plan along with top class coaching from Tom Craggs and Robbie Britton.

We’ve described the process here, but we’ve refined and improved after working with a great bunch of athletes for 2019. Each month your training plan is built around your own commitments and needs, using the excellent Final Surge platform. Then there is a the FRP Community page where you share your journey to a shiny new PB with all the athletes and our team of coaches.

Our goal isn’t just to give you a one off training plan and leave you to it. We want to help athletes learn how to adapt their own training around busy lifestyles and obstacles that arise in any normal marathon build up. Building consistency is key and with our help you can give yourself the best possible chance of a new personal best on race day.

Get a head start on the 2020 marathon season. Photo credit: Tom Craggs

What to do now?

Click on the link here and fill in the form. Simple as that. We don’t want to wait until after New Year’s Eve to start, it’ll be before the first week of December that we get the ball rolling. We’ll provide training plans that are exiting, specific to your goals and achievable for you as an individual.

Tom and Robbie have Masters Degrees in Performance Coaching, as well as a host of other UKA coaching qualifications and a huge range of experience in getting people to the start and the finish of marathons, both key parts of marathon coaching.

Regular video Q&As as well as answers to any questions you have on a day to day basis come through the community group and there will even be other guest coaches and athletes who can help out and prepare you both physically and mentally for the adventure ahead.

So don’t delay. There will again be limited spaces on the Project, although a few more than last time.

The cost is a mere £30/month for a personalised training plan, community coaching and your greatest possible chance of getting a personal best at your Spring 2020 marathon.


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