Last, but not least, in the 2021 Fast10 we have middle distance athlete William Onek, who is looking to register a 400m time at some point in the summer.

Having been on training camps with the Sale Harrier in Portugal and seen the wonderful moment he ran a 400m time trial, just to prove to his mates he could break 50 seconds off his 5 and 10k training. See the video below for the result (some swearing at end of video).

After this video in 2018, and some downtime to let his hamstrings recover from this sudden change of pace, Onek decided to focus on some middle distance races, but is yet to run another 400m race. So maybe this 51:77 is still his personal best? Can we get it onto Power of 10 though?


Name: Will Onek
Age: 31
Hometown: Lancaster is hometown, hometown…but living and training in Manchester for years
Club: Sale Harriers Manchester
Main discipline: 800m
Other disciplines: 1500m
Job: Working full time as Accountant
Goals or targets for 2021: Break 1.48 for 800m, break 3.45 for 1500m, register a 400m time!
Past Running highlights: 2019 British Champs, 2020 Northern Cross Team champions
Interesting or fun fact: My heritage is from the newest country in the world; South Sudan 2011
I run for: the battle of the competition

Photo: Tom Hardie


Favourite training session: 5x 300 long recovery
Least favourite training session 2x 2×800, off 2 mins, 10 mins….or split 800s….or K/600/400 long recovery
Favourite pre-race food: Oats
Favourite post-race food: Pizza
Favourite running shoes: Adidas Takumi Sen 2
Brands or organisations that support me: none