Another of the Fast Running weekend round-up regulars, medical doctor Elsey Davis clearly enjoys her running and racing. Over the course of the 2021 season the Saysky athlete will keep us in the loop.

The Cornish distance star comes from a family of strong runners, with her father and three sisters are all handy on a start line (at the finish normally too). Coached by Helen Clitheroe, Davis ran a PB of 2:33:24 in Valencia at the end of 2019.

2020 was obviously busy for the doctor, but the year started brightly with sixth at the Inter-counties cross country and fifth at the Vitality Big Half in London, which was almost exactly the PB set in the build up to Valencia the year before. Then some issues with stress fractures (and a little thing called COVID-19) put the dampeners on the year.

So Davis will share some of her journey, but also lessons learned from work and running and how to combine the two. We heard rumours there might be a blog by her Bengal Cat too.

Photo: Tom Craggs


Name: Elsey Davis
Age: 31
Hometown: Stockport
Club: Preston Harriers
Main discipline: Marathon running
Other disciplines: Trail/ mountain running, cross country and recently mountain biking!
Job: Doctor, GP trainee

Goals or targets for 2021: To be open minded and flexible with running and racing opportunities and find some redemption from the disaster of 2020.

Past Running highlights

My road marathon and half marathon PBs 72.31 and 2.33

Interesting or fun fact:

I’m scared of bananas

I run because I’m addicted to the way it makes me feel and the places it takes me.


Favourite training session: long hill reps or long runs with intervals. I love the big sessions just before a marathon where everything clicks and marathon pace feels effortless.
Least favourite training session: Mile reps.
Favourite pre-race food: Weetabix
Favourite post-race food: Anything and everything washed down with a beer or two.
Favourite running shoes: Nike Pegasus turbo for road, Salomon S/LAB ultra for trail

Brands or organisations that support me: Saysky help me out with kit, Leeds talent hub supports with with nutrition, strengh and conditioning, sport psychology, physio and I’m coached by Helen who also works within the talent hub.