Running a marathon is tough, and as runners we spend a great deal of time training to prepare us for a marathon. Try this quick tip to familiarise your body & mind with the strain your legs feel in the latter stages of a marathon:

Day 1: Go to the gym and have an intense leg weights workout – try some squats and lunges with free weights.

Day 2: The next morning your legs should feel the strain from yesterdays workout. Now go for a 6 to 8 mile run and this feeling will intensify. Don’t worry about your pace on this run, the important thing is too finish it. Doing this regularly will help reaffirm in your mind that you are mentally tough enough to run through the strain your legs are feeling.

Recreating the strain your legs feel might sound like a strange thing to try, but the next time you feel it in a marathon you will know that you have overcome it countless times.