In the world of elite running, precision and performance are paramount. British international runner, Cat Simpson, knows this better than most.

Disclaimer: This review is based on the personal experiences and opinions of Cat Simpson and the watch was provided free of charge to the athlete but no other incentive was provided by the brand for a positive review. 

When the 100 mile and 24hr runner recently tested the Coros Apex GPS watch, she had high expectations. In this review, we’ll delve into Cat’s experience with the Coros Apex, using her own words to highlight its features and capabilities.

The Ultimate Workout Planning Tool

“I appreciate this is something that most people have been doing forever, but as someone who wrote their sessions on their hand until fairly recently, the feature that lets you plan a workout on the app and upload to your phone is probably the best and somewhat life-changing for me.”

Cat, like many of us, started with pen and paper for planning workouts. The Coros Apex 2, however, brings a new level of convenience. The ability to plan and upload workouts through the app resonated with her, turning a once-manual task into a seamless experience. You can even plan simpler sessions within the watch itself.

Comfort Meets Style

“It’s really comfy – unlike most oversized GPS/sports watches, it has a velcro strap which is much more comfortable and a lot thinner/slimmer than other similar spec models.”

Not only does the Coros Apex offer performance, but it also prioritizes comfort. It’s a watch Cat can comfortably wear all day and night, even for tracking sleep.

“I have got in the habit of wearing it overnight as I really like the feature that tracks your sleep – as a regular night shift worker, this makes me feel better about my sleep quality.”

For night shift workers, sleep tracking is crucial. The Coros Apex’s sleep tracking feature and app adds an extra layer of insight and provides a better understanding of sleep quality.

“It has a built-in HR wrist monitor which has been really useful in summer when not in layers/worn over longer sleeves.”

Impressive Battery Life

“Really good – sadly I received it just after running a hundred mile event in the summer, but for general training, it’ll last me weeks without a charge.”

Long battery life is a game-changer for athletes. The Coros Apex 2’s exceptional battery performance ensures that the watch can keep up with your training without frequent recharging. Fast Running Editor editor Robbie Britton has used the Coros Apex Pro for several years now and it was the watch he wore for the British 24hr record in February. 

Photo: Centurion Running

Sleek Design and Customization

“I really like how slim the design is; it doesn’t feel like I’m wearing a huge oversized watch, as a lot are. Mine’s the gold/coral version which I really like and looks great worn casually too.”

The watch’s aesthetics matter, and Cat’s choice of the gold/coral version showcases that the Coros Apex 2 can blend seamlessly into everyday fashion.

Performance and Minor Gripes

“I find there’s a bit of a lag in pace when doing intervals and transitioning from a slow bit to a fast bit, so for about 10-20s seems to suggest you’re running at well under target pace (although it could just be me being a bit slow at the moment!). I’m also not a massive fan of the auto-lock default feature (where you have to hold down the stop button for 2-3s before pressing again to stop) but I’m sure it can be disabled.” [It can, we’ll show Cat how to – Ed.]

Like any product, there are minor drawbacks. Whilst most watches likely have some lag when starting from a standing start, for example, the difference was notable for the athlete here.

Photo: Norbert Mihalik

User-Friendly Coros App

“I only really use the app to plan a speed workout or look at how long I’ve slept for; to be honest, I’m not a massive data-focused runner and don’t tend to pay much attention to training load, status, and recovery stats.”

Cat’s approach to data might differ from data enthusiasts, but the Coros app caters to both. It offers in-depth insights for those who want to delve into the data while remaining user-friendly for those who prefer a more straightforward experience.

Conclusion: A Running Companion for Every Athlete

Whether you’re a data-focused athlete or someone who values the essentials, the Coros Apex 2 adapts to your needs. With precision, comfort, sleek design, and an impressive battery life, it’s a valuable running companion for athletes at every level.

Disclaimer: This review is based on the personal experiences and opinions of Cat Simpson and the watch was provided free of charge to the athlete but no other incentive was provided by the brand for a positive review.