The new fast shoe revolution is upon us and having tested a few models from various brands I was keen to get out running in the Endorphin Speed from Saucony, especially as they are a take-down version of the carbon-plated racers the running world has gone wild for.

They look great, they’re light as a feather at just 198g and they look like they’ll make me fast…

I’ve been waiting to see more affordable and durable versions of carbon-plated footwear, with the Endorphin Speed using a nylon rather than a carbon plate. This makes it less aggressive but the comfort the shoe brings with exceptional cushioning means it is a truly fantastic shoe for training or longer races where you want more under foot.

Saucony use their PWRRUN PB cushioning which looks a little like compressed popcorn and great news is, the initial “new shoe” comfort doesn’t disappear after the first 30 miles.

The fit is very similar to other Saucony shoes with a snug heel and a toe box which for me is *slightly* narrow on my little toe, however not enough to be a problem. Once you’re laced in, the shoe doesn’t move and feels great. If you’ve run in Saucony before these fit as you’d expect from the likes of the Kinvara, it’s just the sensation from the rocker and platform that might take some getting used to. 

First impressions

Like a kid at Christmas I was SO excited to take these out for a spin. The first run being a planned 9-10 mile tempo hill session that ended up being extended to 15 miles – I’ll admit when I realised I was in new shoes, too far from home I was a bit nervous but the run was comfortable all the way back to my front door.

Bouncing along to my chosen hill I had to reign in the pace – it was effortless moving along the tarmac but the real test would be when I needed to up the gears. Uphill sprints had extra zing and recovery felt easier.

The shoes feel a little like you are on a platform, they feel less “rocker” than say the Hoka Carbon X but the “Speedroll technology” Saucony have used feels more natural. You are still propelled forwards and have that similar energy return you get from a carbon shoe but it feels much more accessible and something not just reserved for race day. 

Daniel Evans Photography.

What would you use them for?

I’ve continued to take these out on longer tempo runs and interval sessions and just love them more and more. They are so breathable so you don’t get that foot sweat feeling towards the end of sessions and the warm downs feel like you have an extra recovery weapon.

The responsiveness and comfort are so well balanced that you feel like you want to take them out all the time – my only issue was I didn’t want to get the beautiful white shoes dirty! 

To summarise, these are a fantastic shoe for someone wanting to make that step up into the “fast shoe” market but wanting to have that comfort to go longer or if you want a fast shoe for training. 

They aren’t the reserve for the “elite” and are a brilliant shoe to give you that confidence as well as comfort. I would wear them in slowly to get used to the sensation because they do feel a little platform-esque at times but once you’ve found your groove I am sure you will fly. The great thing is, they are fast but are also a brilliant speed/tempo training shoe that can stand some decent miles being plugged in. 


Mega comfortable

Great responsiveness

Similar drop (8mm) to most neutral training shoes

You can go long in these – not reserved for short sessions or race day

The price tag is a little friendlier


I honestly don’t have many cons on this shoe. If I were to scrape the barrel I’d say you simply can’t run slowly in them & as they’re white they are not an all-weather shoe if you like your kicks box fresh.