Bjørn Tore Taranger runs 264.5km on a treadmill over a 24 hour period.

Norwegian ultra runner Bjørn Tore Taranger ran an astonishing 264.5km on a treadmill in 24 hours to break the world record set last year.

The 39 year-old’s show of endurance took place in the Norwegian city of Bergen and finished at 10 am on Friday (October 12).

Australian Luca Turrini set the previous record of 261.18km last year.

Before Taranger had Turrini’s record in sight, he surpassed the Norwegian record at the 240km mark.

Taranger, who finished in 10th place at the 24hr World Championships in Belfast in 2017, has a (non-treadmill) 24hr personal best of 257.6km.

While the IAAF will not be rectifying it anytime soon, it should find its way into the Guinness record book in the not too distant future.

“I knew I had it in me, I was not in doubt,” said Taranger afterwards. “I knew that as long as I managed to get in my nutrition, follow the plan with the wonderful people here who have supported me throughout the night. That was awesome!”

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