We’re taking the Fast10 up in pace and have included someone who runs really fast this year. Susanna Banjo is a 400m runner targeting the big Championships on the track.

As endurance athletes we love to see people who actually run with real, breathtaking speed and 200 & 400m runner Susanna Banjo fits the bill. With sessions that look like inverted endurance workouts, the rest multiple times the actual interval, we only dream of running that hard over a shorter distance.

Banjo will hopefully give an insight into the training and mindset of one lap specialist and there is something all of our readers will be able to learn.


Name: Susanna Banjo
Age: 31
Hometown: London
Club: Newham and Essex Beagles
Main discipline: 400m
Other disciplines: 200m
Full-time athlete
Goals or targets for 2021: Qualify and compete in the 400m at the Olympic Games.

Past Running highlights

2019 4x400m relay England International Champion (Loughborough International)
3 x County Champion
3 x Inter-County Championship Medalist
2x England Championship Finalist
2x South of England Championship Medalist

Photo: Provided by athlete

Interesting or fun fact: I love musical theatre!

I run because… I love the feeling of improving every day. I’m obsessed with time, every second counts.


Favourite training session: 3x250m with full recovery. I feel confident in competitions having completed this training session well.
Least favourite training session 5x500m
Favourite pre-race food: Granola Bars
Favourite post-race food: Nandos
Favourite running shoes: I usually wear really lightweight running shoe.

Brands or organisations that support me:

Performance Plus Sport
GLL Sport Foundation
Everyone Active Sporting Champions

Follow Susanna on Instagram @susannabanjo and throughout the year in the Fast10.