Stacey Smith and Derek Hawkins ran the fastest parkrun times on Saturday 6th May. 

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For those who weren’t tied up organising coronation parties or camping out at Buckingham Palace there was always the option of parkrun this weekend. We’re sure King Charles would have approved and run one himself if he thought he might get in the top 10. Imagine that for a weekend?

The fastest female this week was Stacey Smith at Blyth Links parkrun with an excellent 16:48. Given the parkrun in the north-east and the time we’re guessing it’s the Gateshead/Teesside Uni athlete with a fantastic palmares of results with a 16:13 5k PB and a 16:26 parkrun best, both from 2017 so it is great to see Smith running well this morning.

Another runner who it is great to see back in fast action is Derek Hawkins. The Scot is better known as a marathoner, but has got some serious speed over 5k too and ran 14:39 at Strathclyde parkrun today. The 2:12 marathoner has already broken 30 minutes for 10k and run 65:16 for the half in 2023 so is flying so far.

Good day for a run on the coast

At the beautifully flat and fast Worthing parkrun on the south-coast of England it was Nicole Allan who was the fastest lady with 17:11. The Horsham Blue Star Harrier, who is potentially now a Phoenix Runner, has a parkrun best of 16:57 so this was just off a new best, but the strong start to the year has also seen a 36:16 at Chichester 10k and we’re only just getting started really.

Ahead of running for England in Copenhagen next weekend Matthew Crehan broke 15 minutes for parkrun at Croxteth Hall parkrun in Merseyside. Known for his fast starts, the question is will Matt go quicker or slower over the first 5k of the marathon next weekend. Answers on a postcard, but it would be 2:06 marathon pace. Run well Matt!

Just two seconds back from Allan was Claire Jacobs at Felixstowe parkrun. With 17:13 it was a close call for the podium (and only six seconds back to fourth. Similar gaps in our parkrun top ten compared to the first stage of the Giro d’Italia this Saturday.

At Heaton parkrun Harry Wakefield, who we assume is a Rugby league fan, ran 15:04 for third fastest male this week.  It comes just a week or so after the Salford Harrier ran a equal PB time of 14:29 at Mid Cheshire 5K.

The fastest course?

It looks like Derek Hawkins and Daryl Reid secured the fastest event title for Strathclyde this weekend with two appearances in the top 10 and elsewhere a lot of variety.

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