Robbie Britton, our long time editor and writer, has written a whole book of running advice and you can pre-order now.

Hopefully if you’re reading this then you’re a fan of the website. Over the last few years a lot of hard work, dedication and questionable sense of humour has gone into Fast Running from our small team’s editor Robbie Britton.

Along with Vertebrate Publishing, the coach and GB athlete has complied a 1001 tips for all kinds of runners, from 5k to ultra-marathoner and everything in between.

Today marks the first opportunity to pre-order your copy and the first 200 pre-orders get an extra tip (and signed postcard) from the author. Surely 1001 tips is enough for most people, but this extra one could come with that personal touch that brings you your next PB*

*Next PB not guaranteed.

The book is a massive collection of easily digestible tips that will help to improve your running – whether you’re a beginner or training for your first marathon. In his unique and engaging style, Britton covers a wide range of topics from training plans, nutrition and kit, to music, running with your dog, racing and fell running.

If you’re trying your first ultra or 24hr race, want to go faster at parkrun or just trying to figure out how to enjoy your training then there are sections of the book for you.

Britton said, “Writing the book the thought that kept going through my head was “good advice doesn’t have to be boring”, so hopefully there’s a good mix of laughter and sage advice in equal measure.

“Over the years, especially as a marathoner and ultra-runner, you have to go through the ups and downs of your running career and try to learn from all of it. These tips are a combination of lessons learned from the successes in my running and coaching, but also the mistakes as well.

If they can help readers avoid a couple mistakes themselves then I’ll be happy.”

You shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover, but this is a really nice cover.

Where to order?

The main publication date is 15th November (in time to be that Christmas present for your running friends and family too) and pre-orders are available directly from Vertebrate Publishing here.

If you’ve enjoyed articles on this website in the past, such as the weekly parkrun top 10, the recent “how to run with faster friends” or if ultra-marathoners are tougher than 5k runners, then this book could be for you.

If you’re not sure who Robbie is and want to figure that out before buying a book he’s written, then we have you covered too. Get to know Robbie Britton in less than 4 minutes.

Britton’s achievements include racing from 3,000 metres up to 261 kilometres in one single day, running a marathon in 2:29 and coaching multiple race-winning and record breaking athletes in the ultra-distance world.

The co-owner of Fast Running, with an MSc in Performance Coaching and already an accomplished writer, his work has also appeared in Runner’s World, Trail Running, Men’s Running and The Guardian, among others.

Watch this space for some tips articles and sharing from the book in the coming months.

Enjoy the writing of our editor Robbie Britton, then check outhis first book, 1001 Running Tips, due to be released this Autumn.