Last week’s runner-up in the men’s top 10 jumps to the top spot, while Jo Williams takes the women’s gong again. Here are the fastest times at parkrun on Saturday (June 23).

After running the second fastest time across the UK last week, Paul Martelletti was back determined to take the top spot and duly delivered with a superb parkrun best 15:01.

The Victoria Park & Tower Hamlets’ runner, who has a marathon personal best of 2:16:49, has now amassed 103 Saturday morning 5k runs.

Scottish runner Jo Williams, who features in the top 10 almost every week, was the fastest woman for the second time this year.

The Lothian RC runner equalled her parkrun best with a fast 17:24 at the Livingston event.

Maxwell Dumbrell ran a big 5k personal best to take the men’s number two spot. The Brighton Phoenix runner, whose fastest 5k away from the track was 15:25, is now just one run away from parkrun number 50.

The second fastest woman across the UK was Lucy Charles at the Gunpowder parkrun. The Hoddesdon Tri Club athlete posted a time of 17:36 at parkrun number 40.

The most represented events this week among the top 10, all with two runners, were; Middlesbrough’s Albert parkrun, Braunstone, and Alness.

Men’s top 10

1) parkrun: Beckton
Paul Martelletti, 15:01, Victoria Park & Tower Hamlets
2) parkrun: Worthing
Maxwell Dumbrell, 15:17, Brighton Phoenix
3) parkrun: Hartlepool
Kieran Walker, 15:26, Sedgefield Harriers
4) parkrun: Albert
Joshua Cowperthwaite, 15:27, Middlesbrough AC
5) parkrun: Dulwich
Russell Bentley, 15:35, Kent AC
6) parkrun: Albert
Archie Lowe, 15:37, Middlesbrough AC
7) parkrun: Braunstone
Nathan Lawson, 15:39, Dark Peak Fell Runners
8) parkrun: Braunstone
Tim Hartley, 15:42, Barrow Runners
9) parkrun: The Wammy
Jamie Arnold, 15:43, City of Stoke Ac
10) parkrun: Citypark, Craigavon
Craig Ruddy, 15:44, Inverclyde AC

Women’s top 10

1) parkrun: Livingston
Jo Williams, 17:24, Lothian RC
2) parkrun: Gunpowder
Lucy Charles, 17:36, Hoddesdon Tri Club
3) parkrun: Alness
Jenny Bannerman, 17:46, Inverness Harriers
4) parkrun: Gorleston Cliffs
Colleen Nicole Mukuya, 17:50
5) parkrun: Aberystwyth
Megan Carter-Davies, 18:00, Cardiff AAC
6) parkrun: Fulham Palace
Liberty Thompson, 18:00
7) parkrun: Catton
Mabel Beckett, 18:01, City of Norwich
8) parkrun: Workington
Tiffany Penfold, 18:04
9) parkrun: Swindon
Claire Louise Spencer, 18:04, Overton Harriers
10) parkrun: Alness
Rhona Grant, 18:05, Highland Hill Runners