Another week has gone by and more and more elite runners have been allowed back on Twitter and Instagram. Here are some of our favourites from the last seven days.

Jake Wightman may have been showing off to someone in the gym with his jumping skills. What do you reckon about the timing?

She wasn’t too impressed…

Jake-in-the-box 🤡

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Easy mistake to make

That bloke Ieuan Griffiths is a great marathoner we hear…

Health and safety hazard 

Lily Partridge had a great start to 2018 on the roads, settting a course-record at the Seville half marathon. That finish line though…hopefully Lily escapes in time for the London Marathon.

Keeping training simple

Irish marathoner Paul Pollock has been trying something new in training this week. 10 miles on Sunday, 20 miles on Monday, 30 miles on Tuesday, 40 miles…today?

Chapter: Minimalist to Be a Maximalist

“The key to being a minimalist is making a routine out of just about everything that is not core to your mission. When decisions are automatic, you skip the conscious deliberation and associated brain activity.”

Sub 4 anyone?

Sir Roger Bannister may have been first but now 500 Americans have dipped under the four minutes mark – funny how the first and 500th clocked the exact (almost) time.

In a showdown, you’d like to give Don Bowden the benefit of the doubt as he was probably running in hobnail boots after a full day’s work.

That’s Sir…Nick Willis

At 34 years old New Zealand athlete is being treated with respect by the youth of America. How do you think Sir Mo Farah feels Nick?

Don’t give up the day job

Not too sure if mountain runner Kilian Jornet has mastered the skills of farming yet…

“Sorry, I’ve forgotten my barcode”

parkrun Ireland CEO Nick Pearson made a rookie error and forgot his barcode for the Saturday morning run, which led to this public shaming on Twitter. Never again eh Nick? Maybe we’ll see you next in our top 10 fastest parkrunners?