Hannah Irwin of the Fast10 has been reflecting on 2019 and we personally think she’s had a cracking year. Have a read on how Hannah feels. 

It seems like only yesterday I was heading into 2019 after a year of injury, only just starting to get back into shape, and nervous as to what the year would hold for me. However, this year has far outlived anything I thought possible at this time in my life. I have achieved things I would only have dreamed of last year and I have continued to learn more and more about myself and this crazy sport. 

Something this year has cemented to me is that hard work, determination, and consistency are key. Therefore, with all these factors in mind, I feel I have only just begun and have a lot more to give in the coming years.

However, I want everyone to remember when reading this, that it isn’t all straight-forward and happy, there are weeks that feel a struggle and there are races that don’t go well. There are times when you have to take unintended rest days and others when you’re forced to cross train if your body says no to running.

But it is these obstacles that make the highs so much sweeter and make us appreciate the power of running. Whilst I may reflect on the highs, there were plenty of times I didn’t think I would achieve any of my goals and there were moments of disappointment.